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What Sets Us Apart?

what sets us apart

Personal Touch

At Pediatric Dentistry of Forsyth, you are more than a number; you are a valued member of our dental family. Dr. Jason Bongiovi will make time to be personally involved with every aspect of your child’s treatment. He talks to you and your child each time you walk in the door and makes it a point to know you by name. At our office, one-on-one care with the dentist is a guarantee.

We use open communication to come up with a plan that is right for your child. Furthermore, we will take time to sit down and explain our reasoning for treatment in a way all can understand and be available to answer questions throughout the entire process. This means before, during, and after as well. If anything is less than perfect, we will take time to get back together and find a different approach that meets everyone’s approval.

Tear-Free Treatment

We will never push or force any procedure, but instead, we will wait patiently for you and your child to be 100 percent comfortable with our recommendation. Very few patients have any tears because of this policy. We will stop treatment at any sign of discomfort and if necessary, try again on a different day or find an alternative to the treatment.

Our primary goal is providing a positive dental experience. As a dental phobic himself, Dr. Bongiovi is aware of just how difficult coming into a dental office can be for children and parents alike. We firmly believe that no case is too tough for us to handle; we will help your child achieve a beautiful and healthy smile while being comfortable and at ease.

We Offer Options

We believe that no two people are the same, and that this rule of thumb extends to children. Therefore, we expect different challenges in each case and are prepared to be flexible. This has meant that we do cleanings standing up, sitting on the bench, or with a movie on in the background. We are happy to do what is needed to make your child’s treatment a success.

We are proud to treat a number of children with special needs and find that all our patients can benefit from the gentle touch these cases demand. Parents are always welcome in the back. We also offer nitrous oxide and on rare occasions, in-office conscious sedation.


We run on time. We believe that your time is valuable and schedule all appointments so that we are ready for you on time or early. Punctuality is very important in our office, and to emphasize the point, we do not keep a huge waiting room. We love and appreciate our time with you and your child, but we want you, as much as possible, out and about doing the things that make you smile.

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